Terms and Conditions

Essays Writing Expert is a leading academic writing service provider, lending its expertise in all forms of academic writing to students across the board. Essays Writing Expert’s trademark is the explicit way in which the team handles all dealings with students who ask for assistance with their work. For the purpose Essays Writing Expert has designed certain regulations that help to best deal with all the clients who come asking for assistance and ensure that none of their interests are harmed in any way.

The Terms and Conditions outlined here are part of the regulations following which all dealings with everyone of Essays Writing Expert’s clients is handled. Clients are expected to read and understand the policies before placing an order with us. Placement of any order will signify that the client has read, understood and wholeheartedly agrees to all our conditions. In case you object to any of Essays Writing Expert’s terms, feel free to contact the team for further clarifications before placing any order.

It should be understood that elsewhere in the document, the terms ‘we,’ ‘our’ and ‘us’ will be used to refer to Essays Writing Expert unless otherwise stated.

Trademark And Copyright

No content, either graphic or textual in nature, or any other software based programming, may be copied from the websites, or reused and represented in any context, as it is the sole, intellectual property of Essays Writing Expert. Any instances of the same that are noted will be considered illegal and liable to punishment by the law. The only exception to this rule is using the aforementioned information in advertising the official services of the organisation itself.

Contact Details:

Common methods of telecommunication, such as via calls, SMS or even emails, visitors to Essays Writing Expert’s website, as well as service users, are informed about latest promotional offers or about relevant details regarding the progress of their work.

How To Pay

Essays Writing Expert offers customers the chance to choose one of any payment options. These include:

  • Direct transfer to Essays Writing Expert’s online account
  • Direct transfer to Essays Writing Expert’s bank account

Details will be provided by Essays Writing Expert’s online representatives. Clients need to understand that work will only begin on their order after payments for the same have been received, so any delays in payments will mean automatic delays in the delivery deadlines. Furthermore, the organisation will not be held responsible for any of these delays in the delivery of the work either.

Privacy Statement

Essays Writing Expert is a strict adherent of the Companies Act and Data Protection Act, and will likewise protect all private details clients share with the organisation. The exception is when it is demanded, by jurisdiction, to hand over such data.

Liabilities Pertaining To Service Usage

Customers suffering from any liabilities while utilising, and misusing any of Essays Writing Expert’s services, may not hold the company or any team member responsible for the same.

Account Security

First time customers, working with Essays Writing Expert on their initial project, will be assisted in creating an account on the website. For the purpose, clients will also receive a username and password along with other private details. Essays Writing Expert expects customers to change all given passwords immediately upon gaining control of their user accounts. Essays Writing Expert will not be held responsible for any loss of information or any intellectual theft that may occur once initial credentials have been handed over.

Web Policy Alterations

The company does not require the consent from any party, nor is it under obligation to inform any third parties before making any changes to any part of, or even the entire website. All alterations, once complete, may be viewed on the live website.