Refund Policy

As with all other policies, our Refund Policies have been designed keeping client facilitation and their satisfaction in mind. Clients are expected to understand that not everyone is entitled to a full, 100% refund for all their work. Refunds are only granted when certain conditions are met. The amount, moreover, varies from case to case. All decisions concerning any refunds will be made by the Legal Department of Essays Writing Expert, their decision will be based on the policies outlined here and will be irrevocable and final.

Clients are expected to read and understand the policies before placing an order with us. Once you have placed an order, it will signify that you have read, understand and agree to all of Essays Writing Expert’s policies. In case you object to any of our terms, feel free to contact us for further clarifications before placing any order with us.

  • Essays Writing Expert would like all clients to understand that, it is highly recommended that, when applying for a refund for any work, clients should FIRST contact us, rather than contacting any other third party includingPayPal, the Bank, or law enforcement organisation,so that we may begin the process for any refund work. Contacting your bank, or account manager instead of first getting in touch with our customer service representatives will not only be considered a highly unethical process, it will also hamper the refund process you may wish to initiate.
  • Contacting the intermediary party (such as your bank) before contacting the organisation to talk about a refund, will be considered a Breach of Contract between both parties will be dealt with accordingly.
  • In all cases, Essays Writing Expert is entitled to a 50% share of the total payment. This sum will be considered service charges for all the work that has been done. The only cases exempt from paying this sum of money are those where students receive a fail grade or the work is proven to have more than 30% plagiarism.
  • Tangible proof of all claims must be provided before the processes for fee-refunds may be initiated.
  • Refunds will only be given out if the student has tried to get their work revised, twice, and is still dissatisfied with both revisions of the work.
  • Refunds may be claimed within a month after the submission of the order.
  • Investigations will be conducted on all refund requests made. These could take up to a month to complete to our satisfaction.
  • When a client requests an order revision or rewrite, the sum of the service charges will be deducted from the refund amount that the client requests/ receives.
  • Refunds will not be given to any order that was placed with a delivery deadline of only 48 hours.
  • Refunds will not be given to any dissertation order that was placed with a delivery deadline of only less than or up to ten days.
  • Clients who apply for, and receive, chargeback, will be listed as fraudulent users of the service.
  • Clients who misuse our services in any way, including getting refunds they are not entitled to, will face legal action.