Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy at Essays Writing Expert has been designed to ensure we can maintain the anonymous status of our clients while at the same time ensure that they can experience the best quality of services that we can provide them.

Maintaining anonymity means that we have a much focussed Privacy Policy in place which ensures that clients can choose any one of or services without having to worry about their work/ need for assistance becoming public matter.

However, it is still highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policies before placing an order with us. For smoother work processes, do understand that placing an order will be taken as an acknowledgment and agreement on your part to all of the Privacy Policies listed on this page. For this reason, in case of any problems, you will also be asked to adhere to the same.

All customers are expected to read the following terms before placing an order with us. Placement of any order will signify that the client has read, understood and wholeheartedly agrees to all our conditions. In case you object to any of our terms, feel free to contact us for further clarifications before placing any order with us.

  • Collection Of Information: Customers will be required to provide email address, usernames and passwords routinely as part of or efforts to safeguard all your personal and user information.
  • Protection Of Client Information: We adhere strictly to the Data Protection Act meaning that, unless required by law, no information of any client is shared with any other individual or entity.
  • Website Visit Information: Our website does use cookies. However, information stored (such as content viewed or IP address) is used to provide visitors with a better and more enhanced customer experience.
  • Products and Services: We offer many services on our official web page and customers are encouraged to utilise as many of these as they feel they need. Information regarding further services and notices will be relayed to customers via a number of communication systems such as phone call, SMS, fax or emails. The method is based on the preferences indicated by customers.
  • Access to Private Information: Information collected from any user is not relayed to any other individual or entity unless required by law. Customers may, however, access their own information as well as personal records by sending an email to or Legal Department with a request for the same. The process may require clients to provide further, confidential information before access is granted to the details they are looking for.