About Us

Essays Writing Expert is one of the leading academic writing services currently operating within the country. Our words are not meant as idle boasting alone that will ensure that the maximum number of students come to us with their work. Here is why:

Our Aims

We strive for excellency in every task that students ask us to do for them This means that we hope to be able to provide all our clients with work that is original and non-plagiarised. Here is what we hope to achieve with your work also:

  • Deliver a work that is thoroughly researched and well written
  • Ensure that all requirements of the task are met
  • Guarantee that work will be delivered on time
  • Make sure you are completely satisfied with the task

Of course, in the event that you are not satisfied with the work for any reason, we offer you the chance to get your work revised multiple times until you are sure that this is just what you were looking for in your project.

Understanding The Way We Work At Essays Writing Expert

We have four departments in our organisation. These consist of:

  • Team CS
  • Team Writers and Editor
  • Team Legal

All work is delivered to the Customer Service agents working in our team. Their task is to welcome clients to our forum and ensure that they are able to navigate around our forum more easily.

  • For the purpose, first time visitors to our website will be automatically contacted by one of the Team CS members available online. Our Team CS is available 24/7 to give you a responsive and friendly welcome from our end.
  • Once a CS agents contacts the visitor to the website, they are asked about the nature of their work. Once they have decided on the kind of assistance that they wish to hire, they are facilitated in placing an order with us.
  • The order is now assigned to one of our expert writers. However, the CS member dealing with the client will remain the main contact person for the customer throughout the period of their interaction with the organisation.

Team Writers and Editor

We have a very large team of both part time as well as full time writers working with us. These writers are all graduates from some of the most prestigious educational institutions from across the country.

  • They are selected as part of our team only after they have passed a very stringent recruitment test from our end. Even then, all fresh writers recruited into the team are given a training session to ensure they are on board with the kind of quality and work that will be expected of them.
  • The writers are from every field of study, so that one may say that we have at least one expert, of each subject being taught in the educational institutions across the country, working with us.
  • The idea behind this is simple enough. We only wish to ensure that the writer working on your project is one who knows the subject matter and will therefore deal with all your tasks properly.
  • Even once the work has been written by one of our expert writers, it is not considered ready for delivery unless it is first proofread and edited by one of our Proofreading team members.
  • They remove all careless errors and ensure that the work being delivered reads well and is free of mistakes.

Team Legal

The legal experts are here as much for our assistance as for clients.

  • Should you have any problems including work that you would like to have revised, or that you feel does not meet your expectations, please feel free to contact one of our legal experts right away.